My “Dreamy” Future: The Barn


My dream is quite simple, but most people do not understand it.

My dream is not just a passion. It is something much, much deeper.

My dream is also my future career.


Ever since I stepped on my first horse when I was three years old, there was no denying my connection with these animals. My dream is to never leave the “horse-world.” Whether I am a professional rider or trainer, I know that my life will always include horses.

Luckily, even college cannot take away my equestrian dreams. I am currently a member of the Division 1 SMU Women’s Equestrian team. Each year I have accomplished something and now has a new year started up this past week. Last season I was named an NCAA Second Team All-American and this season I plan to repeat that.

Being a Division 1 Student-Athlete used to be a dream of mine but now it is a reality. My future with Equestrian seems extremely promising, so I am hopeful that I will fulfill my “dreamy” future as an Equestrian, even if it means shoveling horse manure.

Once I graduate I will have to work for someone until I can officially start my own barn. The end result of my dream would ultimately be to ride for myself, own my own farm, and compete internationally. That might be far-fetched since I do not have the millions of dollars needed, but I can dream. Maybe I will even be sponsored and able to compete in 2020 Olympic Games! (I’m sure a gold medal would look GREAT hanging from me neck!)

Either way, for now I will just continue dreaming about winning that National Championship ring this year or next. I know it is quite possible and I can achieve this in my final two years here as an SMU student-athlete. Then I will move on to my future as a professional equestrian.

I am an equestrian now and will be for life.



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